Our weekly repayment system offers a convenient and manageable way to plan your purchases and gives you complete control over repayments.

When completing a purchase with Buy As You View, our online application form asks all the details we need to complete an affordability check. This is to ensure our commitment to being a responsible lender is being met as it's in everyone's best interest to ensure that customers can afford their repayments.

If we require further information, you will either be referred to our online portal to upload documents or advised that one of our sales support team will be in touch with you to process the rest of your application.

Our unique SmartMeter was developed in support of our commitment to responsible lending as it allows us & you as our customer, to monitor repayments. This allows us to react promptly to changes in individual customer circumstance and provides a number of options to help our customers get back on track. For further information on how we can help, please check out Debt Advice page.

Our mission is to lend responsibly, to help and to be clear and honest with all our customers. Read our Customer Charter for more information.

Maintaining standards

Buy As You View are committed members of The Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA). The CCTA’s main goals are to ensure that businesses are kept up to date with changes to credit legislation in the UK and Europe and to ensure that these changes are put into practice.

Consumer Credit Trade Association


As a provider of consumer finance, Buy As You View operate in accordance with the requirements of key legislation. Read more about how legislation governs us.