Introducing the smart way to pay...

What is the Smart Meter?

Our slimline smart meter discreetly connects to your TV and blends in with other devices you may have. The compact smart meter monitors your payments, ensures that everything is functioning correctly and can resolve any problems that may occur. 

Smart Meter

If I haven't purchased a TV from Buy As You View, or pay by direct debit, do I still need a Smart Meter?

As part of your agreement with us, if you purchase another product such a washing machine, or pay with direct debit rather than cash, you still need to have a Smart Meter which we'll connect to your current TV in order to monitor payments and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

What happens if I go into arrears?

If your account goes into arrears we may temporarily restrict the TV connected to your Smart Meter.

Don't worry, if you do miss a payment you’ll still be able to continue watching your TV.  However, you will have a 7 day grace period during which we'll try to contact you. If we have been unable to contact you and have not received a payment after your 7 day grace period, then we’ll issue you with a notice of intention to restrict your TV viewing.