Introducing the smart way to pay that gives you control.


What is the Smart Meter?

The Smart Meter is a discreet payment meter that offers our customers flexibility and control. Buy As You View Smart MeterIt is black, slimline and about the size of a games console. There is a display panel on the meter but it has no branding and so blends in with other devices.

How does the Smart Meter work?

The Smart Meter connects discreetly to your TV.  We can monitor the Smart Meter by connecting remotely – allowing us to ensure everything is functioning correctly, monitor payments and even resolve most problems that may occur.

The Smart Meter is part of your agreement with us, if you buy another product such as a washing machine or sofa, you will still have to have a Smart Meter which we will connect to your current TV. The Smart Meter will help you to manage payments to Buy As You View. Whether you pay by cash, Paypoint or Direct Debit – all customers must have a Smart Meter.

Please note, if your account goes into arrears we may temporarily restrict the TV connected to your Smart Meter.

All customer Smart Meters are in free running mode, meaning you’ll be able to continue viewing your TV even if you miss a payment to Buy As You View. You will receive an initial grace period of 7 days if you miss a weekly payment. During this time the meter will allow you to continue watching your TV whilst we try to contact you in order to make a payment. If we don’t receive a payment from you after this 7 day period, we’ll issue a notice with our intention to restrict your TV viewing.

How money gets collected from the Smart Meter:

You will have a Customer Account Manager who will visit you on a collection cycle to empty the meter and check everything is running okay. However, you can request an earlier collection if required. Your dedicated Customer Account Manager is there to help you meaning you can arrange for them to call by at a day and time that suits you.  When your Customer Account Manager arrives, they will count out the contents of the meter in front of you and give you a receipt for the amount due. If you insert more money than is required, you can enjoy a rebate on collection day.

The Smart Meter can help you:

It can help you budget  – if you have chosen to store away any additional cash in your meter that is over and above your payment to us, then you can enjoy a rebate! Or, if you’d prefer you can use the extra to pay off more of the outstanding balance – it's completely up to you!